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Five Display Options - Plus Cookie-Blocker Only

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Because many users reported issues caused by their template handling system messages incorrectly, I added many other options for display.  All options (except the cookie blocker) require that the module be present on the page.  The module provides the option to remove cookies after they have been accepted, as well as the option to reconsider cookies after they've been declined.  I wanted to provide a circular path - so no cookie decision is final.

If you've arrived here from my website, you will have some cookies from host: "".  Cookies from this site will be from either: "" or ""

Don't just warn users - Block Cookies!

Many of the other "Cookie Control" extensions in the JED merely warn users that cookies are going to be set.  Some others allow cookies to be set - then quickly remove them with JavaScript.  The only other extension I would consider worth using is Kookie Grab - but Kevin Griffiths (the author of that extension) engaged in fraudulent voting against other extensions and got himself and his extensions removed from the JED.

This extension prevents them from being set in the first place.  Session cookies - all browsers, Language cookies - all browsers, 3rd Party cookies (with PHP 5.3) - all browsers, JavaScript Cookies - IE8+, FF, Chrome, Opera.

Users can decline cookies

By popular demand, users can decline cookies!  Additionally, they can accept cookies after declining them - and they can remove cookies after accepting them.  All options are available.

The plugin remembers this decision using a non-cookie method that persists sessions!  As a bonus - it's compatible in all major browsers - even IE6!

Some EU countries require that acceptance is logged - so the plugin has the capability to store the IP address of every user who accepts cookies.


Prevent 3rd Party Cookies

If your server runs PHP 5.3, you can configure your plugins, modules, and plugins to become available only to those users who have accepted cookies.    No complicated configurations, just create a new group, a new access level which contains that new group - and choose that new group within the plugin configuration.  Any plugin, module or menu item assigned to that access level will not load until the user accepts cookies.